About us

NewsforRight is a news aggregator for right ideas supporters who advocate reducing government intervention in the economy. Every day our team selects and publishes the most important news, interesting articles and educational materials from Ukraine and all around the globe that should be noticed.

Every day here you will find fresh articles and videos from well-known influencers and also from authors, who were famous in narrow circles only. That is why it is a unique resource that we see as a voice for freedom and a platform for self-education. But most importantly - it will become a platform for anyone who wants to spread the ideas of economic freedom and independence of the citizen from the pressure of the state apparatus in Ukraine.

The site is available in three languages, and as we work to develop the right community, we also tell the world about Ukraine.

The project was launched by Margarita Ovcharenko - libertarian public activist. It is funded by donations from like-minded people through Patreon and other platforms.

NFR is ideologically-based, so it works without grants and third-party influence.

Our goal is to function independently and become a strong player in the media space.

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